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As I have mentioned before, Australians love their wildlife. No, not that way you sickos, they are called Kiwis.

Australians love their wildlife, even if it’s not quite in the spiritual meaning as Aboriginals have with turtles, but we do have a connection with them, wildlife, not turtles in particular.

Now, it is not well known but Australians are allowed to eat a Dolphin when they turn 21. I am not sure how this tradition started but a good friend shared her story with me. And it is quite legal, and even the ATB goons don’t get too excited about the practice. Perhaps because it is not really that well known outside of Australia.

When she visited the UK, she met many lovely people, and built many fine relationships. One night, after one too many glasses of wine, she let them in on the secret about dolphins and our tradition. Not all Australians do this, but those with a true connection with the land partake, it is almost like a rite of passage.

She described the ceremony, the hunt, the capture and the digging of the pit where the valiant dolphin was first baked then consumed. Many of the English were captivated with her story and were impressed with the ideals of the Australian culture.

I have nothing but respect for her; she is a true Aussie.

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  1. Can confirm, I myself was raised very traditionally and my whole family took me on “The Pilgrimage” to Monkey Mia when I turned 21. I found it gave my life a little added porpoise.

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